The 10 hair colors that will rock the most in 2018

New year, new coloring?

The year has just begun, but the coloring trends for 2018 are already strong since the end of 2017. We talked with Jotha Cunha , hairstylist of the 1838 Salon , and we decided to make it easier for her to bring together the 10 colors that will hit the most this year . Then it’s easy: just choose the one you like the most, separate some references and leave the room!

1. Ultra Violet

According to Pantone, it’s the color of the year! To bet on this trend you need to considerably depigmentate the yarn before receiving the coloring. Then the step of applying the pigment which can be made with violet toner is entered. Then it is necessary to use specific products for colored hair that help to retain the hue. In maintenance, you should color again every 20 days and do a deep cauterization of keratin (or professional moisturizing protocols to preserve the integrity of the yarn) “

2. Coated Brown

The coppery brown is the new hit for 2018. I consider that tone the new redhead, because the color is perfect for those who love a more striking look and full of personality. To bet on this trend, you will need to have a natural brown base and apply a reddish brown toner on top, preferably semi-permanent. Make retouchings every 20 or 30 days to keep the look flawless “

3. Pink Quartz

This color is perfect for those who want to start the year by showing their personality with a young and conceptual look. Brunettes should discolor hair slowly to achieve the right shade before pigmenting the hair, but natural blondes do not need to undergo this procedure. Then just tonalize with the pink quartz “

4. Blonde Champagne

This color requires a little more technique to be achieved, the best way to do it is to combine golden blond with platinum. For the more daring, it is possible to bet on babylights in rosé gold to create pink reflections along the length. It looks amazing! “

5. Golden Blonde

Versatility is the key word to describe this color, because because it is an intermediate color – between the medium and dark tone of the blonde, it can be adapted to match various skin tones. In this technique, the colorist has the power to determine the color that will evidence to contrast with the skin. In general, golden blond may be considered slightly yellowish. Brown women, for example, may use copper pigments to prevent a very similar coloration between the face and the wires. Who is lighter with rosy background can use it without fear ‘

6. Californian

It’s basically the lighter hair at the tips and the darker root, creating that gorgeous beach-looking look that’s sunburned. This tone greatly enhances the color of the eyes. Who has the golden skin and the threads are brown it is possible to invest in tones very close to the honey, just as the black women match perfectly with the blonde coppery or with red background “

7. Ombre Effect or “Tiger’s Eye”

If you love that natural background, bet on ombre hair. This color is an interesting mix of shades of brown and dark, caramel and gold to ensure balanced light. I recommend this tone for cooler-skinned women not to create too much contrast “

8. Faded Root

It’s been some time since the blond with a fuzzy root is up, and I think that tone will continue to be highlighted this year. In this technique, the idea is to create a more natural transition from the natural coloration of the hair to the tips, without “

9. Charcoal hair or charcoal hair

It’s a trend that is still shy here in Brazil, but I believe that the coloring will come with everything in 2018. It’s an interesting tone for brunettes who want to update the look in depth, without having to resort to blonde, because it leaves the hair dark with a grayish touch that resembles the color of the charcoal itself “

10. Honey Brown

This color works well for all skin types, because it is a combination of classic honey tones with more closed nuances, which guarantees lightness and luminosity. In the hall, it is one of the favorite shades of the brides who want to lighten the hair, also of the blondes who want to subtly darken the tone of the.

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