5 Common Mistakes We Make When Painting Hair

5 Common Mistakes We Make When Painting Hair

Have You Ever Been the Victim of Any of Them?

An ombre that did not work, a color that faded, a tone that did not match (and did not pick up) in its threads … The problems that we can face when we paint the hair can be many, so it is not difficult to keep an eye wide open to surrender to a change of color.

Colorist Mitra Mir from Hersheson Hall in London spoke with the English COSMOPOLITAN and revealed the biggest glitches that occur at the time of coloring.

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1.More Color Placement

“This happens when the lights are not strategically placed in a way that matches the shape of the customer’s face, texture and hair length”

2.I Got It Wrong

“This usually happens because it is done by the free hand. You have to be careful because if the colors do not mix properly, the look looks bad “

3.Wrong Mistakes

“This usually happens when the colorist does not match the color of his root with that of the length of the strands. The end result is unbalanced “


“This can happen when there is too much paint in the application and it ends up overflowing from foil in parts of the hair that should not be dyed. The look does not look cool “

5.Taking Too Much

“It’s a shame, but some colorists use a lot of tincture, but when the hair has gone through a lot of chemistry, it ends up toning too fast. A good tip is to add a bit of a pigment that gives the wires glow in the paint to dilute it and add it in a lighter “

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