Jamaica Travel Guide

Jamaica Travel Guide

The country is rich in natural beauties, intensely lives the Rastafarian culture, decriminalized marijuana and received more than 4 million tourists in 2017

If someone asked you now to say everything you know about Jamaica, what would you say? The country, which is the land of Bob Marley and Usain Bolt, has much more to offer tourists than reggae hits and sport examples. Discovered in 1494 (it is older than Brazil), the island has paradisiacal beaches and also incredible waterfalls for those tourists who are more adventurous.

Classics are present and undeniable. The place is full of people who use dreads in their hair and who smoke marijuana. Two years ago, the herb was decriminalized there, so it is not difficult to find someone consuming or selling. It is also worth remembering the Rastafari culture , which is so present in the country. It is not easy to define it: some scholars claim to be a sect, others a movement. It emerged in the 1930s and addresses both the social and the religious side. Today there are an estimated 15 million followers worldwide. After this checklist, get ready for what may be your next vacation destination. COSMO spent five days in the country and tells you everything!

Nine mile

No single singer in the world has an image as attached to his country as Bob Marley has with Jamaica. Therefore, the village of Nine Mile, where the idol was born, needs to be in his holiday script. That’s where Bob Marley’s Mausoleum stands, held by the family and the foundation that bears his name. There’s the house where Bob lived and parts that belonged to the Marley. You even have to visit the room where the guy wrote the hit Is this Love and the place where he is buried – attention, it is forbidden to shoot in this area. It is common to see tourists enjoying to light a base to relax, all with the guides’ endorsement. Admission costs $ 25 and the guided tour takes up to two hours. If you want to know more about the singer’s life, you can also visit the museum about his life in Kingston, the capital of the country.

Dunn’s river falls

Located in the city of Ocho Rios, this is a giant waterfall that flows into the sea. The challenge for tourists is to climb it to the top and have fun. The climb in the water takes, on average, 40 minutes.But you can not walk there with any footwear. You need to wear a rubber shoe, called water shoes, to stay safe. We also indicate to add a waterproof hood to the phone. Only then will you be able to record your moments of adventure without spoiling the device. Forgot? No problem. Items are sold at $ 10 each at various places near the waterfalls. Oh, put the bikini underneath your look and, if you can, take a towel (even to leave it on the bus or van that will take you to the place). Not getting wet will be impossible. The ride costs 20 dollars.

Port Antonio

This place will make her remember the movie The Blue Lagoon, classic in the Afternoon Session. Located at the eastern tip of the country, probably one of the most beautiful parts of all of Jamaica, Blue Lagoon served as the setting for the classic film with Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields. But it is not so simple to get there. The destination is far from the hubbub and big resorts, about 200 miles away from Montego Bay, where the big resorts are. There is also one of the most famous private beaches in the world, Frenchman’s Cove. It is small and has a crystalline green river that flows into the turquoise sea. As their access is limited, admission to see this marvel costs 10 dollars.

Try without fear

To eat, our tip is jerk chicken or jerk pork. The typical dish is a spicy roasted meat served with a rice-like cookie, which they call festival. For drinking, order the local beer: Red Stripe is light and delicious – even if you’re not a beer fan, try it.

Where to stay?

Montebay is the region of the country with the best infrastructure to receive tourists. There you will find many hotels with all inclusive services to go to the beach and enjoy the beach without having to worry about anything else. A delightful option to stay is the 5 star Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall. The hotel only accepts adults, has three swimming pools and a spa that is worth knowing. In addition to the buffet service, there are five à la carte restaurants and different specialties. Do not leave without sampling the dishes of Gourmet Es Palau and the Italian La Toscana. Enjoy the delicious menu of drinks, wines and champagnes (which are included in the service). What else can we ask for, eh?

Who takes?

The best way to get to Jamaica is from American Airlines. The flight only makes one connection, in Miami (from there, it’s only two and a half hours to the island). Brazilians do not need a visa to enter the country, but they need an American visa for the scale and the national certificate of yellow fever.

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