Claudia Leitte’s Bodybuilding Workout At The Gym

Claudia Leitte’s Bodybuilding Workout At The Gym

The singer’s training – short duration – includes upper and lower limbs

Since November 2017, Claudia Leitte has intensified her bodybuilding with a focus on hypertrophy. The goal is to reach the end of January ready to face the Carnival marathon . “When I get into the trio, you’ll see the woman healed!” [Laughs] , promise.

To improve physical fitness , lose weight and increase muscle mass , the singer performs a short training session, at least four times a week. The series for lower limbs (A) and upper limbs (B) are made on alternate days.

Some exercises are isolated, others in pairs. Before starting the workout , warm up for 10 to 20 minutes on an ergometer or go up and down slopes in the street.

Ask the help of a professional to adapt the weight (here we show the load indicated for Claudia): it should be challenging, but sustainable for you to perform the right move, combined?

The. Pull your legs shoulder-width apart and hold a bar leaning behind your shoulders (not up). 
B. Agache flexing the knees and keeping the core contracted. 3 x 12 replicates (with 20 kg on each side)

2.1. Leg press

Place feet on platform, waist-width apart and with parallel tips. The lumbar should be supported on the seat and the legs extended. Bend your knees, bringing them close to the chest (do not move them away). Do a series and go to the next exercise. 3 x 6 reps (with 80 kg on each side)

 2 .2. Earth squat

The. Legs apart at waist width, hold a bar in front of the body, arms outstretched and hands inverted (one palm forward, one palm back). 
B. Bend your knees, tilting your torso slightly (look forward) and bringing the bar close to the body until the cinnamon. Do a series and return to the previous exercise. 3 x 6 reps (with 15 kg on each side)

3. Extending chair

In the chair, without lifting the lumbar from the backrest, flex the knees, supporting the end of the cinnamon in the support. Contract the abdomen and extend the legs. 3 x 12 replicates (40 kg)

4.1 Stiff

The. With your legs apart at waist width, hold a bar in front of your body with the palm of your hands for you. 
B. Bend your knees a little and tilt your torso forward until the bar reaches the end of the shins. Do a series and go to the next exercise. 3 x 6 reps (with 12 kg on each side)

4.2. Good Morning

The. With your legs apart at waist width, hold a bar resting on the back of your back (as if it were the back of the shoulders). 
B. Slightly bend your knees and tilt your torso forward, keeping it straight, until it is almost parallel to the ground. When you finish a series, return to the previous exercise. 3 x 6 reps (with 8  kg on each side)

Sit with your lower back supported and your legs extended. Bend the knees up to 90 °, keeping the core contracted. 3 x 12 repetitions (with 30 kg)

6. Calf in the leg press

Sit on the leg press 45 ° (inclined) and support the base of the toes on the surface, with the legs extended and the heel aligned with the fingers. Flex your fingers as much as you can, as if you were to stay on the half-tip. 3 x 12 replicates (with 60 kg on each side)


1. Closed pull

The. Sitting down, hold the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart and palm facing you. 
B. Bend your elbows until you bring the bar to chin height. 3 x 10 replicates (with 35 kg)

2 Low Row

Sitting on the stand, support your feet with your legs outstretched. Tilt your torso to reach the triangular handle of the pulley, and then stand erect with your arms outstretched. Now flex your elbows and bring the mitt to the abdomen. 3 x 10 repetitions (with 25 kg)

3. Supino reto

The. Lying down, with the bar at the shoulder line, hold it with your hands wider than the shoulders. Keep your feet flat on the ground and your core tightened so you do not take off your lower back. 
B. Bend your elbows, pointed outward, bringing the bar toward the chest. 3 x 8 reps (with 10 kg on each side)

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