What Do I Need To Supplement When I Start Training?

Nutritional supplements are common in gyms. But are they really needed to strengthen the muscles? Expert shows when to use them

The other day I walked into the gym and I heard a young man who was doing the registration asking, “What do I need to supplement to speed up the training results?” Although I was a “beginner”, I was not surprised at all.

When we begin to work out, we are often motivated by a factor that does not necessarily involve health, but which is nonetheless genuine. Sometimes we want to crack the abdomen, increase the circumference of the arm and make the chest stronger. And, of course, food is part of that process.

Now let’s check the grounds for doubt: that is, the supplement turbine the physical exercises?

Our menu provides carbohydrates , lipids, proteins (amino acids), vitamins and minerals. OK, supplements also provide carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals (in one or several pots). So what’s the difference? Now, these products are designed to meet a specific need for the activity that we will do.

Having said that, I would eminently highlight four reasons for using supplements at the academies:

1) My diet is deficient and the nutritionist prescribed the supplement to deal with it 
2) Everyone who trains with me takes, so I will also get on the wave, to be accepted by the group 
3) I can not believe that just eating real food and training I achieve good results 
4) The picture of the packaging is how I want to stay

Being reasonable, of all the above options, the only justifiable is the first. Consuming a supplement in spite of what you eat is like hanging a very expensive frame in the middle of the renovation of your home.

Look: the painting can be beautiful, but it will only add to the environment at the right time. If your diet is rundown and you have no concept of what your body actually needs, supplementation will only contribute to increasing monthly expenses – and, in fact, may even lead to deleterious effects.

The recommended is to put the house in order, adjusting the menu, and then, if appropriate, seek the final touches. But then why almost every professional sportsman resorts to the products in question?

To begin with, considering the use of a nutritional supplement because an athlete consumes it is like comparing a Formula 1 car to your car: no matter how good it may be, it was made for walking on the streets of Brazil.

An athlete of international level corresponds to 0.0002% of the world population and, therefore, has specific demands. His goals and what works for him do not match what works for the rest of us. And yet the consumption of supplements is a hit parade in the academies .

The supplements can be very useful … since they fit for your food. Leave the recommendations of that friend who also pulls iron or even that celebrity or blogger go through one ear and out the other. Unless your nutritionist says otherwise, foods will more pleasurably supply your nutritional demands at the lowest cost. Good training!

* Antonio Herbert Lancha Jr. is a professor at the School of Physical Education and Sports of USP and author of the book The End of Diets (Editora Abril) .

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