What outdoor summer exercise has more to do with you?

The summer gives one courage to adhere to exercise outdoors. Whether on the lawn of a park, on the edge of the club pool or on the sands of the beaches, the “aulões” are a great opportunity to move the body and, maybe, to adopt that modality for the rest of the year.

There are several options, which means that the chances of finding one that pleases you are great. Personal trainer, pillar trainer and fitness buff Flavia Cristofaro and personal trainer and master coach LPF (low pressure fitness) Veronica Motta explained the top four currently.


To the sound of super lively Latin music, the lessons are based on choreography – it is good, therefore, to enjoy this type of music. You do not have to be a dancer or have a great physical conditioning to hum, because each person follows the instructions according to their possibilities.


Squats, unrestrained runs, push-ups, and other stationary exercises set the tone for functional classes. The goal is to improve physical fitness with your own body. As the exercises are marked by time, not by number of repetitions, each student can do them in their rhythm.


They are exercises of stretching and posture guided by the tranquility and the look inside of itself. Yoga classes are great for working on anxiety and controlling your emotional balance, as well as bringing incredible peace. You do not need to be prepared to start; progress comes class to class


With a very low impact and tolerance for those who have zero physical conditioning, the walks are better when done under specialized guidance. The person who instructs the class perceives the rhythms and possibilities of each student and works the individual progress in the right measure.

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