Smart and Practical Choices To Ensure a Fit Week

Smart and Practical Choices To Ensure a Fit Week

5 tips for you to dodge the lack of time and not let the troubled routine compromise all your effort for a balanced life

Troubled days, the hunger that tightens between a commitment and another. When you realize it, you have surrendered to strategies such as skipping breakfast and snacking at lunch or skipping the gym so you can rest and enjoy a light dinner. The good news is that with organization, an optimized going to the market and a lot of creativity, you can rewrite this script and escape a bad outcome. Just be aware of the tips below:

Have snacks always ready

“One of the biggest stones in the shoe to maintain the diet is the so-called intermediate snack,” says Mariana Batista Soares, a nutritionist from Itajubá, Minas Gerais. “The ideal is to opt for natural foods, like sliced ​​fruits, but when you have to spend all day moving from one place to another, there are ready-made products that help us without extrapolating in calories,” she adds.

Keep an eye on the label.

When it comes to resorting to savior combos, Mariana warns, paying attention to labels is key to escaping traps.

– The order in which the components appear on the label also makes all the difference. “The first items listed are those used in greater quantity in the formulation,” teaches Mariana. “Then if on an oatmeal the cereal loses its place for sugar, be wary.”

Stay away from waste

In addition to the resolution being increasingly applauded, ending the habit of throwing away a lot of food generates lightness, including the soul. “The dinner chicken leftover can be shredded, mixed with a yam or sweet potato base and turn into a crunchy cookie. Just pass the sesame or flaxseed flour and bake, “encourages nutritionist Mariana Soares. Frozen vegetables yield pies or a nutritious soup at dinner. And those almost passing point fruits can be minced and saved in the freezer to be slapped with shakes.

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