Sherazade, the gift of the word!

Sherazade, the gift of the word!

Psychoanalysis of Daily Life

The word was meant to say, it was made to be a concrete and symbolic tool that penetrates into the “listening” ears, transforming itself into cultural, individual and collective patrimony. It is unfortunate that there are deaf people from the psychic point of view, who do not emotionally experiment the gift of words, only consume reading.

Words sound, sing, rhythm, harmony and dissonance; words are consequences of the ability to symbolize and think, otherwise they are muscle spasms of the speech apparatus to get rid of the “distressing and painful impurities” of chaotic mental states.

Words unite, create dialogues, build partnership; words enter into people like poisonous projectiles, destroying the good, as in the case of envious and voracious attacks; words sleep restless minds, children in panic, lovers in stasis of rapture, violence in love, envy in gratitude, hatred in thinking, intuitive instants in poetry, inner experiences in prose and romance.

The word is after music and painting, according to Clarice Lispector . Sharazade was the queen of the word, the ability to tell stories, to create a defense against King Shariar’s criminal violence. The story of the Thousand and One Nights is beyond the tale of tales, a metaphor of how to deal with the destructive power of kings, caliphs, governments, and tyrants!

Freud created what a patient of his called “cure by word”; Seneca , in his Consolatory Letters , relieved the pains of mourning, of lack, of depressive states, and of helpless children; the poets translate the unspeakable, write and create possibilities for the reader to have “insight” of their own existence; novelists create characters or describe the conflicts of life as it is. With the music of his words, the intoxicating song of his stories, the sonic function of his poetic prose, Sharazade faced the violence of the “powerful”, as we can do in the face of the lies, the disguises, the word-speech of our rulers , seducing the whole people to succumb to the “siren song”. It’s a good metaphor!

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