Mom Warns To Publish Baby Video That Fought For Life

Mom Warns To Publish Baby Video That Fought For Life

The 28-year-old woman’s warning came to the attention of the internet, where the publication received more than 7 000 reactions and was shared 19 000 times

Katie Goulbourn  faced a situation that no mother would like to pass: on January 16, 2018, Chloe, her 11-week-old daughter, had to fight for life in a hospital. The scariest? The girl’s health worsened terribly in a matter of hours. ” This is Chloe at 3:53 pm on Tuesday, January 16th. At 5:00 p.m., she was being taken care of by a medical staff with ten professionals doing what was possible to keep her alive, “revealed the woman on Facebook. 

Watching this video brings back all the fear I felt that night. However, if I knew that the symptoms that Chloe was demonstrating that afternoon could put her life at risk, I could have acted faster, “warns Katie in a publication that has accumulated more than 19,500 shares in a few days. In hopes of raising awareness among other parents about the risks of sepsis, a potentially fatal complication of an infection, the woman shared videos and pictures of little Chloe.

Chloe was ‘no appetite and a little uncomfortable’ to fight for her life in less than three hours. An extremely difficult time for our family. We have decided that if this post makes a single parent check their symptoms more quickly, then something good will have happened, “Katie wrote about the motivations for publishing such a delicate family time on Facebook.

Katie, 28, made the video for Chloe’s husband and father, 33-year-old firefighter Tom Pierce. After watching the record, he suggested that the family seek medical help. The woman then took her daughter to the doctor, who immediately called an ambulance. Still at work, Tom had to run from the service to find his wife at the medical center. 

After a week at the hospital, Chloe is at home recovering. After telling the scary story, Mom shared some symptoms for parents to be aware of: ” Sepsis symptoms, a potentially fatal complication of an infection: grunting sounds while breathing (the sound started very normal, as if it were trying to do poop, and gradually increased to the sounds you hear in that video), “he describes in the publication.

Difficulty breathing (notice how Chloe’s stomach is being pulled down her ribs as she breathes). Other signs can also be the sudden ‘fall’ of the chest and the head swaying with each new breath, “he says on Facebook. More symptoms? ” Very high or low temperatures. Spotted skin. Lack of appetite. Less dirty diapers. Rash that does not go away when pressed . “

To  The Daily Mail , the woman gives further advice on the situation: ” I would tell parents to always trust their instincts and seek advice if they have doubts. I knew something was not right, but it was thanks to Chloe’s father that she’s alive. He noticed the signs and asked me to call the doctor, “Mom told me after the scare. ” I thought we would lose her in the ambulance. I knew how bad the situation was when I noticed the doctors’ panic in resuscitation. They were running, desperate, trying to steady her .

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