Rafa Brites Celebrates 1st Year of Rocco Reflecting on Maternity

Rafa Brites Celebrates 1st Year of Rocco Reflecting on Maternity

On the day the son celebrates his first birthday, the presenter took stock of his new life as a mother and the expectation of what is yet to come.

This Friday, 02, the little Rocco completes 1 year of life ! This special date, of course, could not go blank, and just as he did since his son came into the world, Rafa Brites has once again moved his followers to reflect on the lessons that motherhood brought him.

” 1 year ago I learned that I have tremendous strength. I learned to respect nature and its perfect time when I saw a drop of milk coming out of me . I have found that I have such a keen hearing that I hear a deeper breath being several feet away. I thought I needed to sleep 8 or at least 2 hours straight … That’s nothing. I learned how to bathe, change diapers, clean a belly button with blood, count the minutes for a throw, “wrote the owl mother in her profile on the Instagram.

The birth of a child marks the life of any woman and it was not only the transformation in the routine that the presenter pointed out in her post – which already exceeds 70 thousand tanned – but also the strong bond that established with the firstborn. ” I love to complain that you’re a stick, that I can not disappear from the field of vision that you cry … Actually, I’m finding myself the most,” confessed the artist, married to Felipe Andreoli .  

In this first-year balance as a mother , Rafa also talked about the feeling of seeing the puppy growing, losing the clothes, playing and developing every day – and did not stop thinking about the future. ” Our journey as a family is just beginning, I see these mothers that their children have already passed their size and I think of you, everything that I and your father still have to learn to teach you. And so I will always do with all the love that I have in me. Long live my peak! “He finished. 

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