Clara Averbuck and Paola Antonini campaign against harassment

Clara Averbuck and Paola Antonini campaign against harassment

At the invitation of Uber, they recorded a series of videos to alert the revelers

Clara Averbuck,  a Gaucho writer, who lives in São Paulo, was raped by a Uberdriver on her way home. He fingered her as he was disembarking from the car. At the time, Clara did not want to go to the police station because she felt she would not have her complaint acknowledged and received a barrage of criticism. She, however, did not shut up: she preferred to run an online campaign and help other women to bring their stories to light.

This year, the ride application company invited Clara and also the model Paola Antonini, who had one of the amputated leg when hit by a drunk driver when preparing to travel in the New Year  to talk about issues such as harassment, homophobia and dangers of driving drunk. In a partnership with the NGO Plan International Brazil , Uber prepared a series of videos with the intention of raising awareness of the revelers.

The first was released today on the YouTube channel of the brand and the next will be available on their Facebook page over the holiday.

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