Is there any treatment for yellow fever?

Is there any treatment for yellow fever?

The vaccine helps prevent the disease. But when the person has already been infected by the virus, what to do?

The first step in treating right  yellow fever  is, as soon as the signs appear, seek medical support. Experts will use drugs to control the symptoms and, in severe cases, put the patient in ICUs, where it is possible to better bypass complications while the body is facing the virus.

Therefore, there is no specific antiviral drug for  yellow fever virus transmitter. If the body temperature rises too much, the expert may prescribe an antipyretic. If the pain becomes intense,  analgesics  usually come on the scene. And so it goes. There are even people who get yellow fever and do not even notice: the body gives the message without even manifesting symptoms.

One very important thing is to stay hydrated and stand. And above all, seek a hospital as soon as possible.

The treatment is more complex compared to 15% of severe cases, which are often accompanied by jaundice, yellowing of the skin and eyes. At this stage, the risk of internal bleeding and organ failure (kidneys, liver …) puts the lethality rate between 20 and 50%.

There’s no way around it: ICU admission is mandatory. Only in such an environment can doctors manage complications, replace bleeding blood and eventually “replace” functions of certain organs with machines while the body controls the virus.

Now an alert: anticoagulant medications, like aspirin, should be avoided in anyone infected with yellow fever. This increases the risk of bleeding.

And the treatment of very rare  serious adverse reactions to the vaccine? It follows the same logic of the strategy against yellow fever itself. That is, going to the hospital, staying hydrated, resting and dealing with the symptoms that arise.

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