Bobó de camarão y camarão na moranga : Which is the Healthiest?

Bobó de camarão y camarão na moranga : Which is the Healthiest?

The two recipes, common in summer, differ greatly in ingredients (and nutrients). HEALTH compares both dishes

With the arrival of summer, the beaches fill and the fish and seafood dishes win the orders. This is the case of these two delicacies made with shrimp .

In fact, the point in common between them is only the main ingredient. Nutritionally, there are another five hundred. Note: the bobo has more fats and calories than the shrimp in the moraine. “It certainly has to do with the bobo’s oil and palm oil,” analyzes nutritionist Fernanda Ferreira Corrêa, a professor at the Anhembi Morumbi University in the city of São Paulo.

And we’re talking about saturated fats , whose excess is not legal for health. Therefore, a suggestion of the expert is to change the oil of palm oil for the olive. If it does not, no neuros. After all, it’s not a daily recipe – and because it’s so greasy, it’s best to stay the same.

Here’s a nutritional comparison between these two recipes :


In the moranga – 50,6 calories

Bobó – 164 calories


In the moranga – 4,4 g

Bobo – 20.9 g


Bobo – 7.1 g

In the moranga – 4,5 g

Total fat

In the moranga – 1,8 g

Bobó – 5.7 g

Vitamin A

Bobó – 1 174 mcg

In the moraine – 737 mcg

Vitamin C

In the moranga – 75 mg

Bobó – 27.8 mg

Values ​​refer to 100 grams of each recipe

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