Man Faces Radical Change For Health And Career Change

Man Faces Radical Change For Health And Career Change

The transformation of the old seller was really great

Who would have thought that a red beard and long hair would bring so much confidence and success to a person. That’s what happened to Englishman Gwilym Pugh , 33. After sharing the trajectory in social networks, the gringo has won fans around the world with his impressive transformation. It is worth remembering that the change was not just the visual, but the whole of your lifestyle.

In 2007, Gwilym started his own business. Although he was doing well professionally, he felt the need to change his habits when he found himself working 12 hours a day. “At the time, I was quite overweight and injured, which meant I could not exercise,” he told the Daily Mail . “I decided that I needed to get my life in order and wanted to be healthy again.”

In a span of five years, Pugh lost about 15 pounds and his life really changed when he created an account at instagram, which currently has more than 170,000 followers. With the new look he caught the attention of stylist Nathan Palmer.

Currently, Gwilym’s career as a model has taken off and he has worked for brands such as Diesel, Bud Light and Vans. The cat has even been seen with David Beckham (He is the new face of the former player’s brand, House 99).

Reflecting on his new fame, Gwilym said, “Having worked in finance for years, everything becomes very normal. I think I’m lucky to get into this profession at my age. “

Gwilym also ventures into the field of photography, where he hopes to make his mark on the world with pictures taken of his travels.

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