Multidisciplinary program to lose up to 3 pounds in 15 days

Multidisciplinary program to lose up to 3 pounds in 15 days

We invite a nutritionist, a personal trainer and a quality of life coach to get you started 2018 with new habits

We invite a nutritionist, a personal trainer and a quality of life coach, the three of Porto Alegre, to jointly organize a multidisciplinary program that will help her lose up to 3 kilos in 15 days and start 2018 with new habits food , fitness and lifestyle.

The goal is to reschedule appetite , metabolism and mind, a task force to overcome self-sabotage – will say that sometimes we do not make excuses for missing out on the gym and fool ourselves by imagining that the baked biscuit served not as a candy?

Diet does not foresee exchanges. “It has little gluten and lactose , in addition to precise proportions of carbohydrate, protein and fat,” says nutritionist Vanessa Leite.

If you follow everything exactly, you will lose weight without losing muscle and with enough energy to fulfill the worksheet developed by personal trainer Caroll Martins, three-time champion of bodybuilding in the Bikini Fitness category. “Regular physical activity stimulates metabolism and optimizes diet,” he says.

Our weight loss plan still includes meditation to help you meet the challenge. Calm down, do not overdo it: it’s only ten minutes a day that will make a difference when the temptations begin.

“Meditation not only allows you to control anxiety (and resist chocolate) but also brings more awareness to make healthier food choices,” says coach Angela Verbeno.

So do not wait another day: put into practice today the suggestions of the three professionals.


Menu to slim down, deflate and kill the sweet will  (click to see the suggestion)

With 1,500 calories, you can eliminate up to 3 pounds in 15 days.

What to eat before or after workout according to your type of workout  (click to see the suggestion)

Depending on the type of training and the schedule, know what should be in your diet.


Do this workout for 15 days and watch your body change  (click to see the suggestion)

Personal trainer Caroll Martins has prepared a 20-minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) series with functional exercises .

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2 meditation techniques to stay focused on diet and workout

The idea is that you can achieve with the tranquility gained in meditation , choosing what is best to put on the plate – and when.

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