Xuxa Meneghel Talks About Mother’s Health on Instagram

Record’s Hostess Wrote a Beautiful Message About the Difficulties Faced by Dona Alda in Her Daily Life with Her Family

Xuxa Meneghel  likes to share with fans the state of health of his mother, Dona Alda, who has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for many years. On this Thursday (15), Record’s hostess made a nice outburst about the matriarch on the Instagram – and took the opportunity to make a fresh update on the delicate state of the woman.

” Mom, when you started to ride a wheelchair, you would run over people and laugh, walking in a cart and accelerating and washing the grandchildren, ” recalled Xuxa in the publication, which already has more than 140,000 tanned. ” When he started to stop painting with a brush he used his fingers and the paintings were simply more beautiful. When he could no longer speak, he tried to express himself with his eyes … and what a look! “.

” Today, in bed, unable to move anything, I see how much she tries to be here alive for people, for her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and clusters. Thank you for being so strong! “, Ends Xuxa in the sincere message.

In the comments, fans of the presenter sent positive energies to Dona Alda. ” Your mother is living proof of love! “Praised an internet user. ” What an example, what a story! She may not move, but she still feels everything, especially this love she receives from the whole family. It is still used by the Father to carry His greatest teaching: love! Beautiful what she still does for and with you . 

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