New and Good Bars In Pinheiros and Vila Madalena

Ready six addresses from the West Zone that I tested and approved

Neighboring neighborhoods Pinheiros and Vila Madalena , in the West Zone of São Paulo, are in the list of more bohemian regions of the capital. They do not stop to open new houses to drink and snack there.

Ready six new bars , for different tastes, which I have tested – and I have enjoyed in recent months.

For more details on the addresses, just click on the name of each establishment

To drink drinks at Shake
The Benzene belongs to the owners of the fast food chain Bullguer and is on a corner townhouse in Vila Madalena. As the crowd asks for the drinks in the prepaid commission system, you can enter and leave the bar at will. The team of bartender Gabriel Santana makes good mixes, like the old fashion ( aged cachaça, honey syrup and bitters ), for 18 reais.

Brazilian cocktails and
national drinks like paratudo, Cataia and Neptune are the raw materials of the cocktails Steppe , competitive botecão near the Largo da Batata. With these liquids, drinks of respect are prepared at prices that do not scare (18 reais each). The Cataia, drip flavored with the leaf of the same name, forms a good mixture with lemon, honey and ginger.

Gim in Rua dos Pinheiros
The Carlton Bar is an address dedicated to the cocktail party. Classic gin drinks take up a good portion of the menu. It is worth appearing to take a dry martini (27.90 reais) or a gin and tonic, among them the tanger version (24.90 reais), with tangerine jelly and fruit peel. The address is played by the same members of Boteco Paramount (closed temporarily) and Majestic.

To relax outdoors
The  Bar Alley , which is close to the Batman Alley, it has the most tables in a pleasant backyard. To accompany drinks like graffiti (gin, ginger, lemon-sicilian, spices and bitter; 28 reais), there are sandwiches from all over the world. Argentinian, the choripán (24 reais) carries sausage, chimichurri sauce and onion-purple pickles on bread.

Vegetarian snacks (and other carnivores) in tropical surroundings 
The Buena Onda is full of banana trees and pineapple pots in the decor and has the atmosphere of a homemade party. The galley sips beer (12 reais to Heineken of 600 milliliters) and cocktails. Ask for the cauliflower and parmesan (25 reais, half a dozen) for snacks. The menu has light tastes – many of them vegetarian – and other botequeiros.

If you enjoy Japanese snacks
The Toki houses a huge, trimmed counter, and a few tables. It is a good place to try japas, a meatless version of korokke, mashed potato croquette with a touch of curry breaded with crunchy flour (19 reais, four units).

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