“My Boyfriend is Authoritarian, But I Live with Him and Am Unemployed. What do I do?”

“My Boyfriend is Authoritarian, But I Live with Him and Am Unemployed. What do I do?”

Financial independence is independence – it’s time to reach yours and jump out.

I have a 4 year relationship, but we are having a lot of difficulties. My boyfriend has a very strong personality: everything has to be his way, if it is not, it’s a right fight, even in sex. Dialogue with him does not exist! He has always been like this, but it seems that it has worsened from time to time. I can no longer be affectionate with him and I do not even try to say anything more. I started planning myself to possibly go to live alone, but at the moment I am unemployed. I wonder if I’m with him just because I still do not have the security to get out of here and go live my life by myself. Besides, there is a person who is calling my attention, we never change a word, just look! I’m avoiding this person because, after all, I’m still dating. Honestly, I do not know what I do 

– How to get away?

– Dude how to get away
Let’s recap: you are with a person who does not take your wishes into consideration, with whom you can not talk, whose house you no longer want to live in, that forces the bar even at the time of sex (this has a different name) and you’re still eyeing another. I’ve never seen so many arguments together to end a courtship. The first thing you need to do is get yourself a job – anyone who is – or someone who can hold you indefinitely. Financial independence is paramount, especially for women, because it allows them not to get into bad relationships. Activate all the people you know and tell them that you need to get out of the house and do anything – it will be temporary until you get up. Once you have nowhere to go, say, “Arnold, our courtship is no longer working, I want to end it “(let people know that you’re ending the relationship so they know where you are). Get out of the house and do not look back – look forward to this new good guy and, maybe, even pull a subject. For the future, remember: have your own money = freedom. I hope it all right.

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