Have you read Fifty Tones of Liberty?

The work that was released 6 years ago is the last book in the trilogy that tells the love story between Christian Gray and Ana


Who likes the story of the good bed millionaire who falls in love with a young student should be very excited this week. After all, came the grand debut of the adaptation of Fifty Tones of Liberty in the cinema. This is the last chapter of the trilogy that tells the love story between Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele .

I confess that, unfortunately, I have not yet had the opportunity to go to the cinema to watch. And I’m anxious. I want to know how the story ended on the big screen. Not by far Fifty Tones of Freedom is my favorite book of history (I prefer the Darkest). I am very annoyed at Christian’s behavior when he discovers the pregnancy. I could get a nice sermon on how ridiculous he was. I myself, if it had been Ana, had left real official. Even more of him seek solace with Elena!

Yes, that part really irritates me …

But there are parts that I think are very cool: Ana putting the architect in her place, the visit she receives from the ex sub in her office and when she decides to face Jack and pretend she was leaving for Christian.

The feeling I have is that it grows a lot, matures, from the first book to that. She is no longer a frail and doubtful girl. She knows what she wants, what she needs to do, and she does not bow her head because of insecurity.

Anyway, after all those spoilers, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll buy my ticket to the movies …

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