Slashie : Understand the New Generation’s Professionals

Slashie : Understand the New Generation’s Professionals

Born between 1981 and 1997, they prefer to be recognized for functions that, although they do not generate income, bring personal satisfaction

There is a new phenomenon in the way the younger generation of the labor market, called millennials (born between 1981 and 1997), is describing its professional functions. The term ” slashie ” refers to young people who prefer not to be recognized only by the position or trade that gives them higher income.

Slashie employees use “slashes” among various functions to include independent projects and activities that, while less profitable, bring identification or value to the candidate. So, when they ask “what do you do?” To a slashie , he’ll respond, “I’m an advertising / guitarist / co-founder of a startup,” instead of simply “I work with advertising.” This multiple description opens the interviewer to better know the future employee, in addition to being perceived as someone more interesting and multifaceted.

The slashie s are also in stand-alone services, which do not require hiring by companies. An example of this type of activity is found within applications for smartphones that act as news portals, such as TopBuzz . Although it is a new practice in Brazil, it already has several supporters. Anyone who can write well can participate: just create an account, do research and write your own stories.

In Brazil, where the unemployment rate was 12% in December 2017 (data released by IBGE), these platforms also serve as portfolios for future hirings. In the long run it is even possible to get extra income because some of these applications provide payouts if the subjects achieve good views.

For journalists and practitioners working with essay writing, it is an alternative to showcase talent and a place to expose uncensored new ideas. The applications have space for all kinds of topics, from news of politics and economy to about novels and entertainment.

To be a TopBuzz creator, you do not need any previous course training; just like to write. The slashie s use this method to develop skills related to writing, journalism and news. The application serves as a portfolio with comments from real readers and complements the resume of those who are in search of a job.

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