Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

It’s about a month away by the end of 2017, but the American College of Sports Medicine ( ACSM ) – the largest and most important organization in the area of physical activity and health – has announced its fitness bets for next year. These guesses are based on interviews with 4 thousand professionals in the segment. And they elected as the greatest sensation for 2018 the …

… High intensity interval training (or HIIT )! These exercises, which have actually existed for some time, are fashionable for a few reasons. As its name suggests, the practice alternates lighter moments with others of great intensity, which ends with boredom and can optimize strength gain and cardiorespiratory endurance.

Even because of this training pace, the modality tends to generate a time savings compared to traditional academy sessions . “If carried out with professional assistance, HIIT is safe, effective and not monotonous,” said Walter Thompson, president of ACSM and the author of the paper, in a press release.

Detail: Even under the stigma of high-risk injury (which actually happens in people who skip steps or do not seek professional support), HIIT has figured on the podium of the research in question since 2014. Apparently it’s here to stay!

In addition to HIIT, other trends were pointed out by the ACSM survey. Check out the top 10:

1. HIIT 
2. Group classes 
3. Intelligent clocks, heart monitors and other technological accessories 
4. Exercises made only with body weight 
5. Strength training 
6. More qualified and experienced instructors available to students 
7. Yoga 
8. Individualized supervision with personal trainers 
9. Senior programs 
10. Strength exercises with emphasis on physical balance and quality of life (functional training and series for the elderly)

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