A Training Against Multiple Sclerosis

Resistance exercise, such as bodybuilding, may delay the progression of the disease

Researchers led by the University of Aarhus in Denmark have found that  bodybuilding and other strength activities directly benefit the brain of those with multiple sclerosis . This autoimmune disease affects the nervous system, culminating in symptoms like weakness and difficulties of locomotion.

“The positive effect of exercise on the brain is known, but we still do not know how it happens,” says Brazilian physicist Jéssica Garcia, who works with neurodegenerative diseases at the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

What is not discussed is the importance of joining the gym sessions . “Who is active can maintain autonomy,” says Jessica. Physical educator Otávio Furtado, whose master’s degree was focused on the disease, agrees: “There is improvement in fatigue , balance and muscle strength.”

Guidelines for those who have multiple sclerosis work safely

Start slow

Was not it superactive before? Then nothing to become an athlete suddenly.

Escape from the strong sun

Heat increases the risk of outbreaks. Remember to keep hydrating.

Do swimming in warm water

The appropriate temperature is around 26-30 ° C. Neither cold nor hot.

Avoid blows to the head

Modes like boxing and muay thai can bring more damage to the brain.

Evaluate the best time

Contour the fatigue. Usually we have more energy in the morning.

How to identify a good teacher

It is essential to seek a professional that is dedicated to knowing the disease and the limitations it imposes on each person. An individual with shaken balance will have different needs from someone with muscle stiffening, for example.

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