Woman Who Rejected Mutt in Adoption Takes Inverted

Woman Who Rejected Mutt in Adoption Takes Inverted

The Girl Looked for an Animal Guard and Asked Specifically for Breed Puppies, with an Excuse to Go There Tattered … and He Did Not Leave It Cheap

The animal guard Magno Grilenzoni, from Sao Paulo, did not leave the request of a woman who sought him out on Friday (16). She wanted to adopt a dog. The attitude seemed noble until the girl said that she accepted only dogs of race, ” preferably an English cocker “. The interested, called Claudia, said she does not like mutts for ” aesthetic issues .”

Grilenzoni then countered in amusement. He explained that the English cocker does not like people mixed with an ” aesthetic question ” and that she should prove to be pure English to take the pet home. The WhatsApp conversation was posted on the activist’s Facebook. The post had over 8,000 tanned and 28,000 shares.

This case is not isolated. There are a lot of people out there who are looking for animal protectors and NGOs looking for purebred pets. A recent example: Luisa Mell organized an adoption fair  in October, and people thought she would find pedigreed dogs, those rescued by her from a breeder in Osasco. There was even a queue at the door. When he realized that there were only mutts, the gang left.

NGOs are not kennels. The idea here is not to offer a breed animal for free, but rather to save needy animals, which end up being, for the most part, undefined. This prejudice with mutts is totally outdated – they are companies as wonderful as any other pedigree dog. Dog does not serve to bring status to anyone.

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