Potentiate The Diet Including The Right Drinks On The Menu

Potentiate The Diet Including The Right Drinks On The Menu

The liquids consumed in the day to day make all the difference in the diet. Learn what to drink (and what to avoid) to lose weight

Managing in food may not be enough to lose weight . You have to be very careful with the liquids that are consumed during the day. Check out six tips to hit the drink and potentiate the diet:

1. Consume more water

In addition to the teas and juices suggested on the menu, drink at least 2 liters of pure water throughout the day. It helps eliminate toxins from the kidneys

2. Drink water with lemon

The fruit helps to balance the pH of the body , facilitating digestion and, consequently, elimination of toxins.

3. Bet on juices with cabbage

It is a vegetable rich in chlorophyll, substance with the power to detoxify the liver.

4. Coolant cut

Even the diet, zero and light versions have dyes and other artificial substances that undermine the body’s cleansing process. For the same reason, do not drink alcohol .

5. Avoid coffee in the late afternoon

Caffeine impairs the detox process and can change the quality of sleep . And when you sleep poorly, your body becomes weak and liable to accumulate toxins.

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6. Capriche in hibiscus tea

“Research shows that hibiscus tea has diuretic action, helping to eliminate toxins. It is also important for those who retain fluid and have cellulite, “says nutritionist and researcher Andrea Dario Frias, from Piracicaba (SP). Rich in antioxidants, the hibiscus still neutralizes free radicals, responsible for the early twitches. Other teas with detoxifying potential: dandelion and white tea (has less caffeine than green tea).

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